Tech-Up Free Games and Activities

Free Games & Activities

Tynker is an online coding game for all ages.

SCRATCH is a program where you can create stories, game and animations by coding. One of the most widely used programs for introduction to coding.

Hopscotch is an app for Ipads that allows kids to create games.

Swift Playgrounds is Apple’s game for making coding fun.

Alice is a downloadable program that allows you to explore the world on game making.

Lightbot is an online game or downloadable app that teaches an introduction to coding.          

Box Island is a downloadable app for teaching students the fundamentals of code.

Codea is downloadable on Apple products and lets you explore the world of game creation and exploration.

Boogie Bot is downloadable for Android devices and teaches coding through boogieing robots.

Code Monkey allow a free trail of their coding game. Full courses for teaching and learning code available.

Kids N Code is available for Apple devices and allows students to explore complex algorithms.

Thimble allows you to create and edit your own webpage.

Use X-Ray goggles to understand the code behind websites, remix as you please.


ives you a free trial, which allows you to create your own apps.