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New Schools are a Tradition

The Prince George Public School, a new 8-room school, complete with offices for the principal and teachers, indoor heat and plumbing, opened in 1921.

"The Mud River school stayed open because the Tyner family moved to Mud River, with 6 kids, 4 kids in school," Isabel Tyner Ford told Nicole Nel in an April 26, 1996.

Caroline Buchi remembered that, in Fraser Flats, in 1924, "...we had enough children to start a school, which at that time required 8 children to start. Mr. Simmons donated the timber for a log house and the grounds to build it on. The others donated the labour. At one time there were 24 children going to school and we had a Sports Day at the end of each term," she told Ernie Burden, of the Prince George Progress.

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