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A first communion ceremony at the Sacred Heart Church, a milestone in many parents views.

More people went to church

In congregations without a church, or with a minister responsible for a number of churches on a circuit, services were sometimes held in people's homes.

Susan Dornbierer said, "We'd have a piano or an organ, and we'd have a sing-song. I don't remember a Sunday where there weren't twenty or twenty-five people sitting around the table. My mother sure was busy. In those days they didn't have a Church at the time so they used to use our house a lot. The congregation would meet there, and sometimes they would stay for supper, or just for lunch."

For Catholic children, the First Communion was an important event. For protestant teens, Confirmation was an important rite of passage, the time when they became full members of the church and are able to participate in communion.

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