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Some Stories didn't have Happy Endings

In 1918, when Margaret Elizabeth Tyner died of whooping cough, there was no vaccination. Mrs. Thomas Tyner's diary records:

"August 29 Children coming down with cough Winifred at Mrs. MacKenzie's all day

"August 31 Got medicine for whooping cough Children have 3 gal. 3 qts. blueberries on shelf this week. Last raspberries (of the season)

"September 5 Michael got 2nd bottle cough medicine

"September 9 Michael got 3rd bottle.

"September 21 Called Dr. Lyons 11 A.M. to Margaret also Mrs. MacKenzie.


"September 24 Many kind friends but Our Baby sleeps in a bed of flowers."

Five months after Margaret died, they went to the cemetery with a wreath. On what would have been the baby's first birthday she notes, "My Baby's Birthday. One year old. I took petunia to Mrs. Shearer who sent so many white flowers for my darling's last bed."

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