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A Century of Cures

Parents today have less to worry about than when Prince George was young because there's been steady success reducing risks of childhood diseases.

Polio was a real threat until polio vaccine was developed in 1952. Today flu shots are taken for granted.

Influenza killed thousands across Canada after the First World War. Today people get flu shots and "flu" usually means a week off from school or work.

The cause of Pertussis (whooping cough) wasn't discovered until the 1900s and it took many more years before an effective treatment was discovered.

Shots to protect against diphtheria began in 1926.

The cause of Tuberculosis wasn't identified until the 1880s and vaccination wasn't available until the mid-1950s. Now it's usually curable with antibiotics.

The antibiotics used against pneumonia only were manufactured after the Second World War.

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