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Skating party on the Fraser River at South Fort George, 1910s.

Skating has always been popular

The Prince George Citizen reported on Jan 10, 1919, "The outdoor skating rink is proving very popular with the youngsters and many of the older ones. The enjoyment of skating would be greatly increased if the hours for hockeyists were specified and limited."

Arthur Fisk said children skated at an old open rink on Fourth Avenue two years later accompanied by music. "The old gramophone was grinding away. They were playing `In the Good Old Summertime.'"

Harold Moffat told of pickup hockey with kids from other towns in the second decade of the 1900s and into the 1920s.

"We used to have quite a bit of inter-town rivalry. The Central kids used to go across town to play hockey, on the river over by South or the Hudson's Bay slough...."

His childhood friend, Ted Williams, said, "...Some of the time we were able to skate from South Fort George down to the Fort George Canyon, 17 miles, and north to the Shelley area, about 16 miles."

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