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Parents had money. Kids didn't.

For many years, the only advertising aimed at children was for back-to-school and at Christmas.

One of the few exceptions, remembered by former Prince George Mayor Carrie Jane Gray, was when the first Overwaitea opened in Prince George. "Children were told to go to the store with the big teapot on the front to get a free piece of watermelon," she recalled.

In 1913 when Tom Tyner made his son Michael a sleigh for Christmas.

Christmas requests were simpler. Isabel Tyner Ford remembered her sister Helen's request to Santa Claus one year:

"...A sleigh and a hill, and a doll and a teddy bear. --- She had to have the hill as well as the sleigh..."

Then, as now, there were advertisements for toys for Christmas in December. The Prince George Citizen said on December 1, 1922: "Karl Anderson has opened Toyland, next door to the Panama News Stand. "

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