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What's new is the definition of "news"

The Fort George Weekly Tribune, printed on February 28, 1914, "Nicola Falino, age 15 was walking behind his father when he was killed by a blast at Mile 283, west of Fort George. The Italian community in Prince George raised money to return him to his mother in Italy."

Mrs. Thomas Tyner noted in her diary the arrival of her daughter Helen in 1917:

Jan 17 Daughter born 11:30 P.M....

March 12 Rev. Memron[?] called re: baptising Baby

March 18 Mrs. MacKenzie down to Babys Baptism

Bad news as well as good is remembered of course.

Mrs. Tyner also mentions in her diary: "June 23, 1918 Croaker boys drowned."

The Prince George Citizen reported on April 9, 1920: "Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Whitmore left their three children at home while they went to town to do some shopping. The chimney caught fire and, although the their young son tried to save the baby, he couldn't."

Mrs. Tyner kept record of events important to her, even if the newspaper missed them:

Nov 1, 1912 Jean cut first tooth

April 29, 1913 Jean walks alone

April 30, 1916 Sarah ten months old begins to sit alone & stands

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