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Toys have always been popular

Before Lego, there were Erector sets and Tinker Toys. Toys that allow building have always been popular along with sports gear from sleds and skates to balls and bats.

A bicycle was a BIG important present. A bike used to mean fat tires bigger than those on mountain bikes, one gear and a heavy frame.

For girls dolls have been important for literally thousands of years.

Isabel Tyner Ford noted in her diary an occasion when her sisters, Winifred and Jean were playing with Isabel's two old wax dolls. In 1996, she said, "The large one Gramma Crawford gave me thirty-one years ago this Christmas. One for sister Maggie, and one for her cousin Agnes Young. The cradle father made has also passed on to my little girls. Winifred has the big doll and Jean's is still able to stand alone as when Aunt Chattie [Charlotte] sent her to me years ago from my grandmother Bourn."

"I have a very small doll, about this big, that's over at the museum," Isabel told Nicole Nel in an April 26, 1996 interview. "The legs and arms were held together with elastics through the - the elastics through the legs was threaded throughout the hips... made her a dress. My eight-year-old sewing."

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