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Some problems reflect the times

Margaret Baxter was helping her older brother Gus chink the logs of a cabin -- putting strips of cloth between logs to seal gaps -- when her younger brother started a fire.

Margaret recalled alter, "Bobby was being helpful, so he took the smudge outside to set on the porch.. He set it too near the mattress and the next thing I saw were flames going up outside the window. I flew out to see it had caught the end of the mattress and was burning merrily, so I had to go and get the workmen from the other cabin to come back and help me."

When the hotel in Central Fort George, next door to the home of John Corless, burned down in 1915, Corless's mother saved the shack where they lived.

John said "The burning embers from the hotel were falling on the roof of the building and she was outside with the two little children hanging onto her skirt, and holding the baby and she had a pole and was knocking the embers off the roof of the shack, trying to keep it from burning down."

In 1915, when people lived in tents through the winter, John Corless said in 1972, "It was forty below zero and she [my mother] said that they always took the baby [Ida] and the potatoes to bed with them to keep them from freezing."

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