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Graphic from an Advertisement in the Prince George Citizen, August 9, 1956

Want Jam? Pick Berries

Susan Dornbierer (née Assman) who arrived in Prince George in 1915, said, "In the summer, we used to go and pick berries, because there was no other way of getting fruit and if you wanted to have fruit the next winter, you had to go and pick berries. We picked strawberries and blueberries day by day and we canned them. In the winter time, we canned from three to four hundred jars of berries. She (her mother) would send us out to pick the berries and if we didn't pick them we just wouldn't have any fruit for the next winter."

Caroline Buchi said that in the 1920s, "Between the CNR and the river was a large saskatoon berry patch, where many people filled buckets with berries... Out where Spruceland (Mall) is, (there) used to be one huge blueberry patch."

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