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Responsibility started early

Five-year-old Michael Tyner did the dishes, and went on errands for his mother, buying groceries including a 10 pound sack of corn meal.

In January 1915, not quite 5-year-old Isabel took Michael's sleigh, the grocery list and money, did the shopping, then came home with Michael (probably after school) and the mail.

Tom Tyner was ill with rheumatism for several weeks in 1916: "Aug 21 Michael crossed piling of Nechaco bridge to get Doctor," his mother noted in her diary.

Mrs. Tyner often mentioned her children's work in her diary.

March 1, 1919 Jean knitting her mittens

Feb. 22, 1921 Isabel out of school with cough. Began her red quilt. [age 13]...

Dec 31, 1921 Jean made her first doughnuts [age 9]

Jan 26, 1922 Isabel made biscuits filled with her first jelly [age 14]

Feb. 15, 1922 Isabel began to knit Daddy's mittens.

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