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More than one child in a family used to make the older one automatically responsible for day care and baby sitting

Children had responsibilities

More than 80 years ago, children helped with the household chores.

Isabel Tyner Ford remembered peeling the potatoes and washing the dishes. Her mother's diary mentioned, "Sept 6, 1917 Children & I cleaned & ventilated cellar,"

Older children cared for younger children. Winnie Tyner cared for the younger children, and did "special" ironing. Isabel said she was not very good at looking after her younger siblings. When 9-year-old Isabel was caring for her younger sister Helen, who was sitting on a teeter totter (homemade, a plank on a stump). Isabel was not paying attention, and Helen fell off and hit her head.

Gardening was a typical chore for children. They planted, weeded, hoed, and dug potatoes. In 1916, while their father was ill and their mother busy caring for him and the younger children, Michael, Isabel and Winifred Tyner dug potatoes for 6 days.

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