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Advertisement from the Prince George Citizen, September 3, 1920

Fun for free

"It didn't take a lot of money to have fun in Prince George when it was a small town," said Harold Moffatt who was born during the First World War. "We used to do all different kinds of things, like run a tire or roll a hoop, whistlers and slingshots: They all went through certain stages of the year."

Harold continued, "You usually ended up taking your tire up on the cutbanks... and letting them roll down into the river right at the end of the tire rolling season. Hoops, I don't know, we used to chase them all over the place...Then we'd make whistles. Spring was out and the sap was running in the poplar trees... Then we got into the slingshot period, and everybody packed a slingshot and waited for the grouse to get big enough so you could kill them and take them home."

With fewer organized activities, young people had freedom to decide what they wanted to do with their spare time.

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