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The Hudson's Bay Company trading post Fort George

Setting the scene

A new railway was built across Canada in the first decade of the 1900s, the Grand Trunk Pacific, now called CN Rail. It would pass through the area but no one was sure what the route would be.

The settlement south of a trading post founded in 1807 by the North West Company had come to be called South Fort George. In 1908 George J. Hammond staked 100 acres northwest of the fort and began selling building lots in "Fort George" (usually called Central Fort George).

However, in 1913 railway officials paid the First Nations in the area to move from their reserve to a new town site in Shelley, east of the area. The railroad then sold lots in a new town called Prince George where the reserve had been.

When World War I broke out, the community had 1500 people, three movie theatres, and six churches. Organized sports included: snooker, pool, trapshooting, baseball, boxing, football, tennis, lacrosse, and hockey with inter-town games.

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