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Civic Plaza Enhancement Project

The City of Prince George is enhancing the Civic Centre Plaza to host celebrations throughout 2015 and beyond. The capital project will enhance existing space and introduce elements of public art, green space and natural components native to the region that will enhance the space both visually and functionally.


As the City prepares to celebrate its 100th Anniversary it is envisioned that the space will be utilized as a place for celebration of this historic milestone with numerous activities and events staged throughout the year.

The Civic Plaza will also be utilized as a main focal point during the hosting of the 2015 Canada Winter Games. The development of the space will see an opportunity to not only enhance the plaza but create an opportunity for a downtown atmosphere that will be inviting, festive and welcoming to the athletes and visitors during the Games.

The enhancement will be a lasting legacy in our downtown that will serve the community for years to come. The Civic Plaza currently plays host to numerous community and private events and through its redesign will create a more attractive and appealing space that will realize increased benefit and use.



Civic Plaza Stakeholder and Community Engagement Plan:

A major component of the Civic Plaza Enhancement Project will include an opportunity for both stakeholder and community engagement, allowing for information sharing and input on the conceptual design. The Project Team will incorporate an Engagement Plan that includes the following phases:


PHASE 1 - April, 2013, Preliminary Design Concept

  • The Project Team will work closely with the 2015 Canada Winter Games Host Society to ensure that the design concept meets the needs of the Games.


PHASE 2 - May, 2013, Engagement with Stakeholders and Community Partners

  • The Project Team will provide opportunities for review and input of the Design Concept through individual and group meetings with Key Stakeholders and Community Partners.


PHASE 3 - May, 2013, Public Engagement Process

  • The Project Team will invite feedback from the general public through a public consultation process that will include an open house, website and other forms of social media.


PHASE 4 - June, 2013, Final Design Concept

  • A presentation of the final design concept will be made to key stakeholders, community partners and general public.



For more information on this project contact

Myles Tycholis

250 561-7639