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Feb 14, 2011

Did you know it's the Year of Science?

The Year of Science 'Choose Science. Go Far. Win big' contest is on now!

Calling all scientific sleuths and myth busters! The Year of Science wants YOUR great ideas for cool science experiments, inventions or innovative methods for myth busting. Have you ever heard that lightning never strikes in the same place twice? Or that gravity doesn’t exist in space? Perhaps you’ve seen the wacky Mentos dropped in cola experiment, or attempted to plunge your hands into a curious concoction of cornstarch and water? If so, it’s time to use your imagination, creativity and scientific know-how to devise a clever experiment aimed at proving or disproving some of the world’s greatest mysteries! Or, if you love to test your theories and solve problems, create an amazing experiment that will stand out from all the rest.

By entering the Year of Science ‘Choose Science. Go Far. Win Big.’ contest, you’ll not only have an opportunity to showcase your research, science skills and knowledge – you could win a scholarship worth $25,000 towards your future science goals!

Look at topics addressed by others and ask yourself, what questions are unanswered? Look for a problem and try to explain or solve it. We are looking for innovative, fresh ideas. Something that will make the judges take notice. So start thinking and get ready to submit your videos.

Click here to go to the Year of Science website for more information!