Meet the Instructors


Meet the instructors for this year's Science Alliance Virtual Summer Workshops!

Jaclyn Baxter | She/Her/Hers

Jaclyn is our Virtual Programs manager and has been teaching coding workshops to people from Pre-k to adulthood for the last three years! She has delivered hundreds of programs all across BC. She is passionate about tiny robots (the tinnier the better) and problem-solving. Fun Fact about Jaclyn: she has 50+ board games and loves collecting miniature versions to bring on camping trips!

Carlos Hernandez | He/Him/His

Carlos is The Exploration Place's Manager - In-Person Community Programs. He has a Master's in Educational Psychology and is a FIFA International Soccer Referee. Carlos is passionate about teaching, sports, food, and travelling around the world. Fun Fact about Carlos: he loves playing and refereeing soccer.

Taylor Bateman | She/Her/Hers

Taylor is an Early Explorers Instructor here at The Exploration Place. She has a BA in Nature-Based Tourism from UNBC and is passionate about the outdoors, tourism, travel, and outdoor and wildlife conservation. Fun Fact about Taylor: she has a bit of an old soul and loves to collect vintage items.

Shailina Sarrazin | She/Her/Hers

Shailina is an Early Explorers Instructor with The Exploration Place. She has a BA in Biology and enjoys teaching about nature- everything from plants and insects to birds and other animals. She's passionate about birds and insects, although all things biology tend to excite her. Fun Fact(s) about Shailina: She can touch her nose with her tongue and is a huge Spider-Man fan.

Bailey Holloway | She/Her/Hers


Bailey is one of this year's Virtual Science Alliance Instructors! She graduated from UNBC this spring with a B.A as an Anthropology major and a Biology minor. She's passionate about local heritage, exploring the beauty of BC, and sharing fun facts. Speaking of which, a fun fact about Bailey: you can catch her doing cross-stitch or cuddling with her dog, Aloy.

Annika Easton | She/Her/Hers


Annika Easton is another one of our Virtual Science Alliance Instructors for this year! She is headed into her second year of the BSc program at UNBC, majoring in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. She is passionate about human biology, the ecology of Northern BC, and science facts (which she's been told to stop sharing at the dinner table)! Fun fact about Annika: Her home office secretary is a six-toed kitty named Lil Man.