Planning Your Field Trip

SELECT AN EDUCATIONAL PROGRAM that complements your classroom teaching.

Feel free to select more than one program for your field trip.  This list below summarizes our educational programming; detailed descriptions, including best curriculum fits can be found HERE.



Take your class on a 90 minute self-guided visit to our galleries.  For more information on our permanent and temporary exhibits, click here.

  • $2.50/student; minimum fee is $50/classs



Join an instructor from our education staff for a hands-on learning experience!

  • 45-60 minute program followed by a 30 minute self-guided visit to our galleries

  • All programs complement curriculum set by the BC Ministry of Education

  • Maximum class size is 27 for primary grades and 32 for intermediate grades (due to the hands-on nature of our programs, we strictly enforce class size limits)

  • $3.50/student; minimum fee is $50/program

Please plan ahead! Book your field trip at least 3 weeks in advance and at least 6 weeks in advance during May and June to avoid disappointment.  Bookings are made on a first come-first served basis.

Ways to book your field trip:

1. You can complete the online booking form here. Your booking will be sent directly to our education staff, and someone will be in touch with you within one week to confirm your booking.

2. You can download a PDF of our booking form here. Once you have completed your booking form, please fax it to 250-562-6395.  Again, someone will be in touch with your within one week to confirm your booking.

We will send you a confirmation fax, which also serves as your invoice, to confirm your booking.  Please review the field trip details and return this form by fax with your signature.  THE BOOKING PROCESS IS NOT COMPLETE UNTIL WE RECEIVE YOUR SIGNED CONFIRMATION FORM!!  If you have not received a fax from us within one week of sending in your request, please call us at 250-562-1612.

Please read the following important notes on planning your field trip:

1. The Exploration Place is an extension of your classroom, and teacher supervision is required at all times.  We also require additional adult supervisors.  Teachers and supervisors are admitted FREE for both instructor-led school programs and Exploramas.  Supervisors are responsible for classroom management and behaviour guidance and must remain with their students at all times.  The minimum number of adult supervisors is 1 adult per 5 students for Kindergarten through grade 3 and 1 adult per 10 students for grades 4 through 7.

2. Payment is due upon arrival at The Exploration Place.  Please refer to your completed confirmation booking form, as it also serves as your invoice.  No deposit is required to book a program; however, a fee will be charged for cancellations with less than 2 weeks notice.

3. Please plan to arrive approximately 10 minutes before your program is scheduled to begin.  Out of respect for the group arriving after you, we are unable to extend the programming time for groups arriving late.

4. SCHOOL GROUP DEFINITION: To qualify for the rates and programs listed in this guide you must:

  • Represent a full-time educational institution that is not post-secondary and is registered with the Provincial Ministry of Education.

  • Plan your visit for a weekday during the school year, excluding school and statutory holidas.  For schools outside of School District 57, please note that we follow the School District 57 calendar and are unable to provide school programs on School District 57 Pro-D days and holidays.  Please refer to the School District 57 calendar here for these dates.

  • Pay the minimum $50 booking fee required for all visits (or the fee listed on your confirmation form) when you arrive.

5.  School program rates are already heavily discounted.  The Exploration Place Family Membership discounts are not valid on school program fees.  No passes, coupons or discounts are accepted with school field trip bookings.


We require at least two weeks; notice by telephone 250-562-1612 or email:

A late cancellation fee of $25 will be charged to the school if proper notice is not given.

All prices and policies are subject to change without notice.


  • Check that all details on your booking confirmation form are correct

  • Consider a pre-visit to The Exploration Place.  This can help in planning your field trip, and is FREE upon presentation of your Ministry of Education Teacher Card.

  • Organize your students into groups, each with an assigned adult supervisor before you arrive at The Exploration Place.

  • Review behaviour expectations for the field trip with your students and supervisors.