2016 Summer - Path of the Paddle


The canoe is an enduring symbol of wilderness and freedom throughout Canada and has been labelled one of Canada’s seven wonders. These hand-crafted vessels moved people and goods for centuries before Europeans arrived, providing a beautiful and practical mode of transportation.

The Canadian Canoe Museum suggests that "in the history of watercraft, the canoe of the Aboriginal Peoples is perhaps the ultimate expression of elegance and function. All its parts come from nature, and when it is retired, it returns to nature".

The canoe went through many transformations after the arrival of the Europeans. Throughout its history and its many changes, the canoe has evolved and endured. Now a permanent Canadian icon, the canoe is a living tradition that continues to delight all who take it on the water.

Our new exhibit will explore the history of the canoe in our region with opening day set in July 2016, just in time for the historic Northern Hardware Prince George Canoe Race on July 10th! Enthusiasts from around North America will be gathering in Prince George for the epic challenge with the race ending in Lheidli T’enneh Memorial Park.