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Considering possibilities

Graphic of a forest showing its current condition CURRENT CONDITION.

Scenario planning lets people discuss different forest values and use computer models to build better management plans.

No one can predict the future, but by setting up varying computer models of the forest that run 300 years into the future, people can consider the possibilities. Juggling all this information and making sure nothing important is forgotten takes a lot of work. Computers can produce drawings of what the forest will be like in 100 years if one set of assumptions works out, then show what it will be like if a different set of assumptions becomes true. Showing what results look like helps people understand the implications of the goals they set.

“We can’t preserve every bush, tree, flower, bird and animal exactly as they are now, even if we wanted to. The forest is a living thing that constantly changes. Forest planning has to look ahead, well into the future,” says Rein Kahlke of the McGregor Model Forest Association.

Graphic of the same forest in 2030 assuming cleacut scenario CLEARCUT SCENARIO. 2030 - PROJECTED CONDITION.
Graphic of the same forest in 2030 assuming retention scenario RETENTION SCENARIO. 2030 - PROJECTED CONDITION

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