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Hundreds of people cooperate to decide what should be done

A group of people learning about the forest

A wide variety of approaches to public forest planning have been tried. Some have failed; some have succeeded. The difference is simple: if any one group is allowed to force their views over those of other people, the system will not work.

In other words, when what people think actually counts, plans may get more complex, but they are plans everyone can live with.

Across the province people are learning to understand each other’s views

In Prince George, hundreds of people worked for six years on the design of a Land and Resource Management Plan. It worked. New parks were created with the input of naturalist groups, forest companies, ranchers and others. Private industry and government foresters, along with snowmobilers, trappers, ranchers and hikers, all had their needs and views included.

The Prince George Land and Resources Management Plan (LRMP) used this system of stakeholder participation to zone the 3,428,317 hectares in the Prince George Forest District.

Now other groups, including the Morice and Lakes Forest Districts Innovative Forest Practices Agreement and the Robson Valley Enhanced Forest Management Pilot Project, are working to understand each other and make forest plans that everyone will be able to live with.

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