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Forest areas for different uses

Riding a snowmobile

In 1961 a forest fire blackened a large part of Tabor Mountain, just east of Prince George. Half a dozen years later, as the trees began to grow back, the area became popular with horse owners, snowmobilers, cross-country skiers and hikers. It wasn’t long, though, before they ended up complaining about each other to the newspaper, the government and anyone else who would listen.

People working together to solve problems

Bill Young and Forest Service recreation officer Bill Marshall invited everyone involved to a meeting. They suggested that one way to avoid conflict was to “zone” the mountain: one area would be set aside for snowmobilers and another for cross-country skiers; one area for horseback riders, a separate one for hikers, and so on. After several meetings and a lot of haggling, a deal was agreed to. The zoning was put on a map with copies posted at various places on the mountain.

People like having areas zoned just for them

Some groups, like the Sons of Norway and the Prince George Snowmobile Club, put in a lot of work building trails. Today, horse owners and snowmobilers are working together. New trails have recently been completed. The forest has grown up, and the area is still very popular for recreational use, but the type of use has evolved, with some areas more popular than they used to be and others less popular. Despite changes, this cooperative approach toward people managing the forest is still working.

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