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Your view of the forest is unique

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Most people live in cities with populations of one million or more. According to sociologists in Canada and the US, for people in these big cities, the idea of a forest tends to be more important than actually spending time in the woods. Spending time in the woods, though, almost always changes people’s views and attitudes toward forests.

Attitudes toward the forest keep changing

At one time, people thought of the forest as limitless, something to be cleared to make room for their farms. Few people went camping for pleasure until the 1860s. Today, even though a smaller percentage of the population goes camping than 20 years ago, more people are using the outdoors for recreation.

It’s not a forest if there is something else on the land

Towns and farms take up land once covered with forest. Roads and landings (areas where logging trucks take on their loads) have removed more land from the forest than the area taken up in the urbanization of Vancouver and the Fraser Valley.

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