The Early Days: Forest Use in the Fraser-Fort George Region



Shelley Train Station

  The depression of the 1930s had a direct effect on all lumbering operations. McLean Lumber Co. Ltd., located on the river site at Shelley, terminated operations in the fall of 1932. First class lumber literally rotted in the piles. Smaller operations were maintained at different sites under S. McLean and McLean Sawmills Ltd. between 1935-1945. The river site at Shelley reoplened in 1943 as Shelley Sawmills Ltd.

Operations at Shelley Sawmills Ltd. were maintained until it was sold in 1951 to Hetherington, Plant and Geddes. Later it was bought by Northwood Pulp and Timber Ltd. Today Sinclair Neil McLean Jr. spends time in the summer operating a woodlot near Shelley, relogging and reforesting land that was logged by his family during the 1920s, 1930s, and 1940s.


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