The Perfect Match: Sport vs Science Exhibit Opens!

Date: Jun 7, 2014 21:00:00

The Perfect Match: Sport vs Science is a participative exhibition for the whole family that explains how science and technology have contributed to improve sports performances. Measuring devices are now part of training. In the exhibition, visitors will measure their strength, their speed and their heart rate. They will be filmed while being a cheerleader or a baseball pitcher and thus notice the contribution of video in sports. They will meet with their physical trainer, their coach, their kinesiologist, their psychologist and their nutritionist before the competition. They will have to follow their advice and take up their challenges. Beware, an anti-doping control agent has an eye on them! Will they climb up the podium? The exhibition puts forward athletes from our country and many sports equipments, modern and old. Are you in shape to try the exhibition?

Click here to see a video of the exhibit.