Rotten Pumpkin Festival (weather permitting)

Date: Nov 1, 2018 00:00:00

Send your Halloween pumpkins to the compost grave in style! Bring us your old, your used up, your way past their prime pumpkins on November 1st as we catapult them across our parking lot and into the compost grave in style!

When: November 1st from 3pm to 6pm
Where: The parking lot in front of the Exploration Place
Cost: $2/pumpkin

Purchase a hotdog or drink while you wait!

Funds raised help to support the many programs we do here at the The Exploration Place. We are a Northern BC non-profit organization and registered charity whose mission is to preserve our local history and foster lifelong learning in the areas of science, technology, heritage and culture.

Please note that this event is weather-dependent and that our parking lot will be closed all day for the event and post-event clean-up.

If anyone is interested in some of the pumpkin remains please bring you're own container(s) to fill up and check in with a staff member when you arrive.