Hodul’eh-a Artisans Fair

Date: Apr 21, 2018 00:00:00


The Hodul’eh-a Artisans Fair is an opportunity to celebrate local First Nation and Indigenous artists at The Exploration Place with the support from the Prince George Community Foundation.  Encompassing the theme of the new Hodul’eh-a: A Place of Learning Gallery, we want this Artisan Fair to exhibit the wonderful artwork being created in our community. This is a great opportunity to discover unique, traditional and contemporary works of art while supporting the local First Nation’s Artisan community.

The fair will be free to the public (general admission rates apply to enter the galleries). 

UPDATE!  CLICK HERE to learn more about our Call for First Nation Artists
The Exploration Place is excited to announce a call for local First Nation artists to design and create a beautiful carved piece of art to welcome visitors into Hodul’eh-a: A Place of Learning. 


February 16th – First Day for vendors to register

March 16th – Registration scheduled to close

March 23rd – Artisans notified

April 6th – Cancellation Deadline*

*We want to ensure this event is a success and we fill all the tables available.  Please tell us if you are unable to attend.

April 21st – Day of the event



8:30am – Artisans can start arriving to set up their tables

9:00am – The Exploration Place opens to the general public

10:00am – Fair starts

12:00pm – Lunch provided to Artisans

4:00pm – Fair ends

5:00pm – The Exploration Place closes



We are thankful for all interested vendors.  Please complete the application form before the listed deadline.




Priority will be given to:

  • Local persons that self-identify as First Nations
  • Provincial persons or businesses that identify or support First Nations Artisans
  • All Artisans must follow industry guidelines regarding  cultural appropriation
  • All items must be created and produced by the Artisan. 
  • If you did not make it yourself you must provide us, in advance, with written permission from the Artisan.
  • No imports, pre-packaged, or "assembled" products
  • No silk screening unless you do all the parts of the process including the making of the items being silk screened
  • No Alcohol vendors
  • All clothing must be made by the Artisan
  • Food safe and proper government labeling must be properly displayed and Food Safe Certificate must be present
  • Must submit images of all items you wish to have juried.



The jury criteria for successful applications are:

  • That items must be created and produced by the Artisan
  • Items are primarily original design
  • The quality of product
  • The diversity of product and product category
  • The affordability and sustainability of the items sold
  • The clarity and professionalism of application
  • The personal location of vendor in relationship to the event location

Vendors will be assessed on the quality, originality and craftsmanship of the work to be sold. Other factors include submission of a complete, accurate application. Categories are limited to avoid over saturation. Only those types of products or crafts submitted in your application may be sold or displayed at the Market. Please do not add a service or a product line that has not been adjudicated. If you do bring any items that did NOT go through the jury process, you may be asked to remove them from your booth.

Category maximums:

Art & Photography 4
Fiber / Clothing / Textiles 3
Jewelry / Bead Work 3
Wood working / Carving / Sculpture 2
Food & Beverage 2
Home Furnishings 3
Children 3
Novelty (TBD)



Each vendor will be provided with:

  • 8’ x 2.25’ table with black linens and skirt
  • Access to power outlets (as requested)

Absolutely NO tape, pins, sticky tack may be used inside the vendor space.  Vendors MUST use existing hooks or window shelf.  We encourage vendors to have free standing displays.



If you plan on sharing a booth with another vendor BOTH vendors must submit a fully completed and accurate application.



Free WIFI is available. Please keep in mind that this is a shared WIFI we cannot guarantee signal or how many people will be accessing the same signal. WIFI password will be available from the front desk.



This event will be promoted on The Exploration Place website and social media channels.



The Exploration Place is not responsible for lost, stolen and / or damaged items.  The Exploration Place recommends vendors, at their own expense, seek information to obtain liability and product insurance.



All Artisans are responsible for collecting payments and remitting their own GST/PST.



We encourage you to give away a door prize item at your table.



Sorry there is no childcare offered. However this is a family affair so children are welcome. Please keep in mind your child’s specific needs and the ALL children must be supervised by an adult if they are in our galleries.