Changing Climate, Changing Landscapes in Northern BC: Perspectives from the Ground

Date: Mar 13, 2017 19:00:00

Date: Monday March 13th

Time: 7pm

Location: The Exploration Place Atrium, 333 Becott Place, Prince George

Cost: FREE

Summary: This presentation will use field-based observations to assess the rapidly changing climate of northern BC and impacts to land, snow and water. There will also be a discussion on the impacts of human activities on northern BC’s landscapes and their interactions with climate change.

About the speaker: Dr. Stephen Dery is an internationally recognized climate scientist. He joined UNBC as a Canada Research Chair in Northern Hydrometeorology and his research focuses on many aspects of snow and ice, including the influence of forestry and forest clearance on snow cover, snow melt, hydrology and micro-meteorology and the impact of local conditions and large-scale forcing on river discharge in BC and the Arctic.


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