Spring Break Camps - Week 2

Date: 20 2017 00:00 to 24 2017 01:00

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March 20-24, 2017

Primary (Grade K-2)—Through the Looking Glass

“Curiouser and curiouser” about the science behind the imaginary world of Wonderland? Fall down the rabbit hole into a week filled with magic and wonder. How long would it take to fall all the way through the Earth, and what forces are involved? Disappear and reappear with the Cheshire Cat, shrink and grow, learn about reversal and inversion with mirrors, and be amazed by many other experiments based on the classic story of Alice and her adventures. Don’t be late for this very important date!


Intermediate (Grade 3-7)—Kitchen Science
Ever been told not to play with your food? Join us as we not only play with our food, but experiment with it, learn about it, and maybe even eat some of it too! Cooking is made up entirely of scientific concepts, and we’ll be spending this week uncovering the science involved in food, recipe building, cooking, and baking, and doing cool experiments using things you’d find at home. Learn some basic food preparation and cooking skills, and put ingredients together to create something new, Chopped-style! Who needs a science lab when you have your own kitchen?