Spring Break Camps - Week 1

Date: 13 2017 20:00 to 17 2017 01:00

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March 13-17, 2017

Primary (Grade K-2)—Just Add Water

Join us for a week of wet, wild, wonderful water science! We’ll be exploring oceans, lakes, and rivers; sinking, floating, melting, and flowing. Experiment with buoyancy, move water with the power of static electricity, and learn about some of the creatures that live in the deep (not to mention the tiny organisms that exist in only a drop of water!) From evaporation to precipitation, we’ve got the science of H2O covered!  


Intermediate (Grade 3-7)—Build It; Break It!

Embrace your creativity and imagination with the process of engineering during this week of building and destroying! Campers will be presented with different design-build projects, challenging them to work collaboratively to conceptualize, plan, and build in response to specific design problems. From bridges to KEVA plank towers to insect mazes, natural structures, and more, we’ll be exploring building of all kinds. And for even more fun—we’ll undo it all by learning the science of demolition!